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  5. "새끼 말"

"새끼 "

Translation:Baby horse

October 14, 2017



새끼 can be very rude and offensive if used improperly. All duolingo users should be cautious with this word if they are not familiar with it


I recognised this word from dramas when the subtitles say "You son of a..." XD


That is true. It's a very considerate reminder.


ㅅㅂㄲㅅㄲ ?


That is rude! I'm Korean and that's a very bad word in Korean


i mean is it really that bad without 개 in front? shouldn't it just mean something like "small dude" or "dude like baby" at it's rudest or something, like it means animal baby how can it be that bad?


We do not use this word. We use 망아지(a colt, a filly or a foal).


Nobody says 'baby horse', it's a foal, foal should be accepted


I say baby horse and I am from Texas.... Never heard "foal" before.


Obviously,,the_crait has never been out of the big city. Remember A. Lincoln, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool and remove all doubt".


Could you also say "colt"?


imo foal should work too


The term "colt" is only used to describe the male baby horse. "Foal" is the proper translation of this phrase to its English equivalent.


Not true. Take it from someone who is a veterinarian and grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma; a foal is a "baby horse" of either sex, despite what some city slicker may have posted on line. A colt is the equine eqivalent of a child of either sex. There are filly (female) foals and colts, stud colts. There are also adult stud horses (stallions). Of course there are also male humans that think they are, or claim to be "studs"!!


what about 'baby talk'?


Should definitely be a foal


Just asked my husband and he said people do use this term (he was born and raised in Korea).


Rachel, I can I assume that your husband did not grow up on a horse farm? Enlightened city folks use different terms for various-aged animals that us dumb country folks don't use. Where I grew up, it was easy to disinguish a city slicker or a drugstore cowboy from the real McCoy! Baby horse folks are obviously city folks.


i feel guilty almost, formally learning this word since i've only heard it used as a swear word before lol


Earlier in the lesson 새끼 was use after the animal name wth?


Baby horse doo doo doo doo doo doo x4

Mommy horse doo doo doo doo doo doo x4

Daddy horse doo doo doo doo doo doo x4

Grandma horse doo doo doo doo doo doo x4 Grandpa horse doo doo doo doo doo doo x4

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I thought "Baby talk" ㅋㅋㅋ


Im still so confused


First, I learned that horse was 마 and language was 말--한국말. Secondly, is 세기 used for both animals and people or just animals

Try using the 한자 to avoid confusion.


말 is the word for horse as well as the word for words/speech, but 马(Mǎ) is horse in Mandarin. 새끼 can be extremely offensive; its only use in reference to people is when it is meant to insult someone, otherwise it is strictly used for animals.


People will use it affectionately with close friends or children but I might not do that without living around Korean speakers for a while.

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