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Do you have a goal ?

[deactivated user]

    Do you have a goal for Duolingo ? My goal is to reach level 25 in English and French, because English is a very important language, and French is a beautiful language. I like them both !

    October 14, 2017



    My goal in Duolingo is for it to help me build "cores" for the only 5 languages I'm interested in. That is, to help me reach a stable understanding of their lower-intermediate levels at least.


    I just want to have my Spanish good enough to survive a strictly spanish speaking encounter.


    To be good enough to watch tv and read the internet in other languages.


    I want to reach Level 25 in every language on duolingo!

    [deactivated user]

      Wow ! you have 9910 XP now. keep on going, my friend !


      I want to be fluent in German and finish the tree. I also want to reach level 25.


      my goal in Duolingo is to get familiar with the languages I Like and to discover the similarities they have. And of course to learn the basics of each one :)


      I just want to get an A in italian without really having to learn a lot for the exams :) And after that I want to learn spanish or french~

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