"The mayor is in the mayor's office."

Translation:Le maire est dans la mairie.

October 14, 2017

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"Mayor's office" can be translated by both "bureau du maire" and "mairie". Both answers should be accepted as the English sentence is not very explicit. There can be several offices in a "mairie".


And Wikipedia provides the following:

En France, la mairie est un édifice qui abrite le bureau du maire, la salle de délibération du conseil municipal, le lieu où l'on célèbre les mariages, ainsi que divers services comme l'état-civil, le dépôt du cadastre, l'urbanisme, la police municipale, etc.


Google translate translates "Le maire est dans la mairie" as "The mayor is in the town hall." It translates "The mayor is in the mayor's office" as "Le maire est dans le bureau du maire" which is what I tried to do (unfortunately spelled maire incorrectly). However, the DL answer does not look correct.


Ignore google translate - it is being too literal in its translation. As mairie is both the office (ie position) and where the official holds office, it is a little confusing. Google translate has said le bureau du mairie as that is the literal translation of the office of the mayor.

A town hall, city hall or mayor's office are all the same thing and called la mairie.

See http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/mairie/48628


Le maire est dans le bureau du maire - is a correct translation, whether literal or not


I have reported this. There is no denying that the mairie is the official office of the mayor; but it is also the town hall. It's perfectly possible that a mayor could maintain an office that was his, but not an official residence. The English does not explicitly say it's looking only for his official office.

What if I was standing in the foyer of a Mairie, and asked someone where the mayor was? "Le maire est dans la mairie" would be a pretty poor answer. Le maire est dans le bureau du maire would be far more explicit.


Mairie is more commonly used as "town hall" surely. Why is "le bureau du maire" not acceptable? i.e. The office of the mayor. In smaller towns in France in the south, there is a mayor but not a town hall.


"le bureau du maire" is correct. As has been said before small villages may not have a town hall but they do have a mayor's office. This is true of the village where I usually stay. It should be accepted, although in English and in French it would be a better sentence to say "The Mayor is in his office,"

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