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  5. "Mein Kind ist schön."

"Mein Kind ist schön."

Translation:My child is beautiful.

October 14, 2017

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Wasn't "schon" used to mean "nice" several examples ago?


"Schön" can also be used as "nice" or "good".


yes it was - we need some proper notes if "schon" has to mean different things with different nouns so absolutely - why not a nice child and a lovely flower? Duo should not be a fairground game of guessing, or getting shot if you're wrong, it's a way to learn, so if there's a secret about what schon means please teach us!


Don't ignore the little dots! The letters o and ö are different in German, and are sometimes the difference between two entirely different words.

schon = "already"
schön = "beautiful"

They are also pronounced differently (schon vs. schön on Forvo). If you don't see the special characters as extra buttons on screen, try long-pressing "O" on your touchscreen keyboard. If you are on a desktop computer, see this guide.


When does someone "my child is beautiful"??


when their child are beautiful.


"My child is handsome," ought to be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    I agree. Imagine a teenage son's feelings on being referred to as "beautiful"! Usually we say "handsome" or "good-looking" when referring to men or older boys, and "beautiful" for women, girls, and very young boys.


    This sentence is managed by the external company Pearson, with whom Duolingo has a commercial partnership. Hopefully one day Pearson maintains the sentences they introduced with as much commitment as we unpaid volunteers contribute to the free Duolingo material.



    Completely agree! That's what I wrote, too!


    Beautiful and nice have the same meanings in English so i think its acceptable if I translate it as My child is nice. But the correct answer was: My child is CUTE. Wth is it?


    Sorry Friend Csaba887620, but this native speaker does not consider “beautiful” and “nice” to be synonymous. Speaking generally, the former refers to appearance, while the latter, to behavior.


    I wrote the correct thing and it said that it was incorrect.


    Why not "my child is great "?


    I would interpret "great" to mean "very good in a general sense" whereas schön is more a comment about attractive appearance or spirit.

    [deactivated user]

      why didn't Duo accept my answer that schön is HANDSOME? I mean, a child can be male or female

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