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"Pakken jullie de fiets?"

Translation:Are you taking the bike?

1 year ago


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Could this mean to travel by bike? As in "take the metro"?

9 months ago

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Not as I understand it, no. Literally like "packing it", in English - i.e. taking it with you. Also, I'm not sure, even in English, that you can "take the bike", in the same sense as taking the metro. "Taking the bus", or "taking the metro" is a service you can take or not, but you can't really say that about a bike. Of course, taking it (with you) might coincidentally mean that you are riding it too, but if that's what you mean, you are much more likely to ask if someone is "going by bike". If you ask: "Are you taking it?" it sounds more like on the bicycle rack (of a car).

9 months ago

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Can we alson use neem here?

2 months ago