"It is a quarter past twelve."

Translation:Je čtvrt na jednu.

October 14, 2017

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Je čtvrt na jednu = Google says „It’s a quarter to one“ Duolingo says it means „It‘ a quarter past twelve! Surely it must mean It’s a quarter to one?


This is how I have to work it in my head to know the time... The clock has moved one quarter of the way towards one... therefore it's 12.15. Na - towards. (But not the UK way where a quarter to one means there is only one quarter left before 1 therefore 12.45.)


12:15 or 12:45 How right?


Curious: I put "to je ctvrt na jednu." and it was counted wrong. Why would adding the "to" make it wrong? Does it throw it off that much. Or are "to Je" and "to jsou" only to be used when referring to actual objects or people (unlike the slippery concept of time)?


Again, I'm really confused by the gender of the number. I just about get that it's Accusative in case, but from where is the femininity derived?


The gender of each word must be found in the dictionary and remembered. There is no other way. Sometimes you can guess from the morphology (the ending or the suffix) but not from some natural or real properties.


I had forgotten that jedna itself was gendered (though only numbers one and two are gendered, if I understand correctly). Sorry - coming from a non-gendered language, it always takes a while for these things to drop in fully. Thanks for your clarification on both questions.


...reading this discussion has actually confused me a little bit. My understanding was that "jeden" is basically treated as an adjective, so in this case, "jedna" actually is referring to "jedna hodina." It's the word hodina that has a fixed gender, not jedna itself. (Mods, please correct me if I'm wrong!)


Yes, if you use the number as an attribute, it behaves as an adjective.

And when you just count "jedna, dvě, tři", then the gender does not actually matter anyway.

My previous comments might be quite unclear, sorry if it caused confusion to anyone, it was meant in general.

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