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  5. "Hast du ihre Taschen?"

"Hast du ihre Taschen?"

Translation:Do you have her bags?

October 14, 2017



Without context, "Hast du ihre Taschen?" could well mean "Do you have their bags?" Think about picking up friends at the airport and your father asking you this question.


Indeed. I hope you have reported the missing alternative; hopefully, the creator of the sentence will eventually add it.


How do you know if ihre is your or her? In this context?


When "Ihre" means "your", it is spelled with a capital "I". Also, it is "your" for formal "you", i.e. "Sie", not "du", so you could not say "hast du Ihre Taschen?" to ask "Do you have your bags?"...the "you" and "your" have to match so to speak. So you would either say "Hast du deine Taschen?" or use the formal, and say "Haben Sie Ihre Taschen?".


Duolingo has me confused... My teacher (Homeschool teacher) was speaking a German senstence and i hit the speak when she said that so i didnt actullay speak... And it still had me right. How?

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