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  5. "I am talking."

"I am talking."

Translation:Ich spreche.

October 14, 2017



ich spreche du sprichst er/sie spricht ihr sprecht sie sprechen wir sprechen


Can anyone explain when to use "reden" instead of "sprechen?"


It's roughly like "talk" versus "speak" -- they can often be used interchangeably but sometimes one is preferred, e.g. we'd usually say "I can speak Spanish" (ich kann Spanisch sprechen) and "don't interrupt me when I'm talking" (unterbrich mich nicht, wenn ich rede), but it could be either in sentences such as "he's talking/speaking about his job" (er spricht/redet über seinen Job).


Why is ich bin wrong


There is no continous form in German. The fact that you currently speak is not distinguishable from you speaking in general. To indicate that you are just doing something you can add "gerade" in German.

So in these cases you do not translate the "I am..." to "Ich bin..."

  • I am sitting = Ich sitze (gerade).
  • I am cooking = Ich koche (gerade)


There is "Ich bin am sprechen", which I would argue should fit for "I am speaking" too, since that can be used to assert that you are speaking right now.


That would be am Sprechen, I think, with capitalised Sprechen.

It's not a form that's accepted on Duolingo, though.


Are there different words for speaking vs. talking vs. saying in German?


speak/talk is fairly similar in meaning.

German also has two verbs here, sprechen/reden, which similarly have a very close meaning.

say/tell is different. This is sagen in German.


why not ich bin spreche ?


German doesn't distinguish between when you are doing something right now and when you do something in general the way we do in English.

The sentences "I speak" and "I am speaking" would both be translated to "Ich spreche". "Ich bin spreche" is not a construction that is used in German.


On a "tap the pairs" question I had the following:

speak, are speaking sprecht, sprechen

Can someone please explain how to sort out which should be paired with which?

ihr sprecht, you are speaking ihr sprecht, you speak

wir sprechen, we are speaking wir sprechen, we speak

Both combinations should be accepted, but only one correct solution was accepted by Duolingo.


How it pronounced?


/ɪç ˈʃpʁɛçә/

Roughly "Ish schpreshe".


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