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Using Nel, Nello, Nella etc confusion Utilisation de Nel, Nello, Nella

hi guys

im a bit confused, if someone could provide insight i read that italians don't use nel forms anymore as often they just use in but my updated italian textbook still has it in, in some parts so I'm confused in this sentence for instance:

"Una malattia in famiglia" (an illness in the family) - from the textbook why wouldn't it be "Una malattia nella famiglia" or are both versions right?

what would be more proper/conversationally gramatically correct? lmk ! help appreciated

(si vous avez besoin d'une version francaise, je peux publier ca aussi)

il y a 9 mois

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I don't know where you read that "Italians don't use nel forms anymore": they do. Both the sentences you write can be correct, with a little difference between the two. In general, the absence of the article gives a sense of indetermination to the clause. So, with the article, it's clear that all the components of the family are sick, without you perceive that in the family there is an illness but where? In everyone? Is it at its beginning or in its end? And not always it's possible to avoid the article: "at the time when" can be only " nel momento in cui", not "in momento in cui" Same for nello, nella/ nei nelle.

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