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Korean Stengthening

Is there a way to get a way to strengthen Korean skills without it selecting the alphabet? I don't need that. Thanks!

October 14, 2017



Unfortunately there isn't an option like that. But if you get the alphabet to gold, it shouldn't appear anymore :).


You mean it shouldn't appear anymore except for the times when it decays, right? ^^


Well, it hasn't decayed on me since I first used it. I know in the Spanish course, once I got down to harder levels, the basics stayed gold even without me practicing them. I assume it's the same concept for Korean


That does happen if you use the Placement Test at the start of the course and begin the course further down the tree. But do you mean this happened without having used the Placement Test at all?


This has happened for me in Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian. I haven't had to practice the most rudimentary skills at all once I got past a certain point.

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