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Word order with adverbs

I'm loving this course, but feel a little lost when constructing sentences with adverbs, especially multiple adverbs (absolutely never again, definitely very frequently, etc.). I know Czech has pretty free word order in general, but are there any guidelines for the positioning of adverbs in relation to verbs and/or the accepted order of time, manner, place? For example, would:

'We’re definitely never buying beer here again.'

translate well as:

'Tady určitě nikdy zase nekupujeme pivo.' ?

Or would some of those adverbs sound better elsewhere?

October 14, 2017



I would say: Tady určitě nikdy pivo znovu kupovat nebudeme.


I'm not 100% aware of all the rules that exist in the Czech language (even though it's my native tongue) but judging just by the way it sounds, a future tense would work better - 'Tady určitě nebudeme nikdy zase kupovat pivo.' In sentences like that in English, Czech rather uses the future tense. Concerning the word order, I can't really explain it, I sorted it how it sounded the most natural way for me.


I haven't reached that far in Czech language, but do you have Future Simple, in which it would be something like "Tady určitě nikdy zase nekupime pivo."? (To my Polish ears something like "Tady určitě nikdy už nekupime pivo" would sound better, though). I am just guessing and asking out of curiosity.


I would suggest to put "tady" at the end of sentence because it will express that you never ever will buy "here" again. But I am not sure because I just startet learning Czech.

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