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  5. "Nu sunt fustele mele."

"Nu sunt fustele mele."

Translation:The skirts are not mine.

October 14, 2017



What would "they are not my skirts" be?


Actually, your version is the best translation for the current sentence.
Here's the breakdown:

  • Nu sunt fustele mele. = They are not my skirts.
  • Fustele nu sunt ale mele. = The skirts are not mine.


That's what I thought -- that "Fustele" should be at the front of the sentence


It's good, report it if it's not accepted.


Surely im stating the skirts are not mine,which means the same as they are not my skirts. Confusing or what?


Two semantically similar sentences that otherwise could be told apart syntactically. Literally speaking, this sentence means "They aren't my skirts".


Hi, I'm a lazy monolingual English speaker that's doing my best to pick up another language. When I translate it literally, in my mind it's:

Nu sunt fustele mele ---> Not are the skirts mine

I know that doesn't strictly make sense in English but it helps me understand the individual words in Romanian. Am I wrong to do it like that?


This is a broad question, whether it is "wrong". I think it can get you confused pretty quickly. I'd say even if you do this, you shouldn't do it word by word, one by one. If you say "nu sunt" is "they are not", which it pretty much is, it's much better already. And I see no point in not thinking of "fustele mele" as "my skirts".


acelea nu sunt fustele mele sau va rooog acelea nu sunt fustele mele

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