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What keeps you motivated to do your streaks on Duolingo daily?

I do my streaks as I'm trying to achieve a 1000 day streak (a very high chance of happening). Though it just occurred to me; why do you keep up your streaks on Duolingo?

October 14, 2017



It was kind of a relief when I lost my streak (around 500 days). It started to feel like a treadmill, especially when traveling over multiple timezones for work and having to ensure I did it before the end of my home time zone.

I stopped for a year and have re-started after a recent trip to Italy, but with mostly auditory resources this time around, and Duolingo as only a part of my study. Streak or no, I think it's a good thing to discipline yourself to do a bit of language practice each day.


Wow... Well done for reaching a streak that far!! Yeah, the time zones must have been nuisance though at least you were able to benefit from it. XD

(Have you been to Venice?)


Yes, have been to Venice a few times. This trip was to Sicily, the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, and to Rome. I loved it, especially Rome, which is the city of my heart.


I'm currently injured and non weight bearing so I I kinda have been binge studying since July. I'll probably stop when I'm a functional human again, but for right now I feel functional


That's a good question. I keep up my streak because I don't want to lose it. But I don't know why I don't want to lose it ;)


I kept up the streak because I believed that it was the only thing ensuring my continued interest in learning Spanish, that as long as I didn't break it I would have a reason to push through when things get tough and motivation is low. I ended up missing a few days in a row and breaking my streak anyways right when it was nearing 100, and I'm still equally motivated to learn Spanish. So I guess now I'm just doing it for a feeling of satisfaction.




... I... I don't think I remember anymore.

I believe when I began building up my streak it was just because I loved seeing the numbers add up. Eventually, at about the 120ish day mark, the streak became a trophy and an inspiration to keep going if only for that little icon, which it still provides a good motivation for that. (Note: before I had this streak I lost a streak of about 114 days through an accident.) I am now motivated to do my lessons more for the sake of learning, but that little icon and the idea to keep the flame going is a good reason to make myself do at least one lesson, which is usually followed by about eight more.


I seriously believe that if I practice a language (or any other skill) every single day, for a very long period of time... inevitably I will master it.

Then, keeping up my strike in DL is an excellent support to my language learning goals, in two ways:

  1. As a daily reminder of my commitment.

  2. DL ensures my daily minimum dose of practice, for those days when I don't have enough time to use other learning resources.


Difficult for me in that we travel and sometimes to places without internet. However, I wish you all the luck in your goal. My streaks are really just the product of an old man with routines. Take this Lingot as a reward for 190.


What do you want to learn from Duolingo during those 1000 days? Won't you be tired of getting it?


Well wouldn't you? ;)

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