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Portuguese from Portugal

Any suggestions of learning sites or popular media even where I can learn/listen to Portuguese from Portugal? Duolingo and most sources I've found use Brazilian Portuguese. If you speak Portuguese from Portugal and are learning English let me know and we can practice together :D

October 14, 2017



Hi Claire, I've been studying Portuguese with Duolingo for almost one year and have found it to be an invaluable learning base for the language even though Brazilian pronunciation and some spellings/phrases are completely different. I found it easy to be understood whilst on holiday in Portugal and I also dip into RTP - Radio & TV Portugal where you can hear all the news with written text as well. Go on u tube and check out 'Portuguese with Carla' where she speaks Euro Portuguese and gives lessons which are easy to follow. Also 'Practice Portuguese' is another u tube find, and there are lots more! There are more Brazilian websites, but you will also find quite a few Euro. Portuguese sites too. Good Luck and have fun :))


You can learn Brazilian Portuguese here and search online for the differences between BR-PT and PT-PT. The language is the same, there are only some minor iofferences which you can learn about on Google or Youtube. You'll be understood in any lusophone country no matter what version of Portuguese you speak.


Here is a group to practice portuguese on Duolingo. There are some portuguese there, so you can ask for what you want to know to them :b


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