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"Starbucks, Baskin-Robbins, Duolingo"

Translation:스타벅스, 배스킨라빈스, 듀오링고

October 14, 2017



Hmm... how useful would this sentence be?


It's mainly to teach you how to read 한글. I also recommend taking off the word bank and use these exercises to learn the Korean keyboard. It's a very useful skill to know and easier than you think.


I did exactly that and it took me 4 tries, had missed commas first time missed 1 full block twice and used wrong letter once but it was rewarding and fun.


Lingot for positivity among the complainers and nonsense comments :)


It's just showing you how to apply your knowledge of the alphabet to loan words.


안녕하세요~ :>


안녕 fellow army


also how does one use the Korean key board heckity heck


you go into settings, find the keyboard and then you can add a keyboard for just about any language


You have to have a korean keyboard installed into your laptop/computer/tablet/phone to use it.


I also found some online Korean keyboards, so you could probably just copy and paste once you finished typing!


A youtube tutorial may better help. (After installation on PC you can shift between the two keyboards easily. But in android its EVEN easier.

[deactivated user]

    Starbucks, a place where they sell coffee

    Baskin Robbins, a place where ice cream is sold

    Duolingo Owl, a restaurant of that they give you a depressed meal that steals ur family


    i hate these exercises so much. i came here to learn a language and i get told how to say "baskin-robbins" before even "hello" or "thank you" :(


    Don't worry, these exercises are used so that you can get used to big words, and be able to read them accordingly. Later on when you learn the "Basics", you'll learn useful stuff, such as how to say nouns.


    If you learn a language with a different script, it makes sense to learn that script first, no? Also, patience is a virtue, you can't rush learning.


    Nice how most of it ends with /u/, like in Tamil colloquials! Interesting how similar languages are to Tamil, like Korean or even Punjabi.


    Tamil and korean have more than 4000 words in common


    Fun fact for those who don't know many Koreans.

    Starbucks and Baskin Robbins aren't picked randomly, both play a large role in modern Korean culture.

    Starbucks has triggered a few dozen copycat coffeeshop brands in Korea (many of which are better than the original), and they are EVERYWHERE. Baskin Robbins cakes are extremely common to bring to birthday parties, especially among young people, displaying them on the box they came in.


    You have to change your input method in the keyboard settings. At least for chrome. Then you can use the onscreen keyboard.


    Why 듀오링고 and not 두오링고


    2 lines on a vowel indicates a y sound. 요 = yo and 오 = o


    Since I have no idea how to "use the korean keyboard" i guess I'll just keep using a rough romanization.


    I recommend forcing yourself to learn the Korean keyboard. It's a very useful skill to know and easier than you might think.


    i recommend to memorize the alphabet first before using the keyboard to make it easier... dont use duolingo to memorize the alphabet, make use of youtube for that... i promise it will be easier


    You download a korean keyboard and you type right to left and top to bottom like if you wanted to type hyundai (현대) you would type in this order (itll automatically change to the full word): ㅎ ㅕ ㄴ (현) ㄷ ㅐ(대) And also useful idk if anyone will read all of this but ㄱ is the g/k sound (this may sound stupid but it took me ages to figure out how to type something like 가 lmao i might just be dumb) and the same for ㅋ (커) this is so long ik noone will read this but whatever its there T-T


    You are saying right to left (wrong), but you describe left to right (correct)

    ㄱ and ㅋ are not the same in pronunciation, even though they're close.

    And I read your message, don't cry :)


    go to settings and then language and input


    How does one switch from clicking on the words to writing them?


    Happens automatically at higher levels of the same lesson.

    [deactivated user]

      How to pronounce'ㄹ', 'l' or 'r' ?


      In between. And depends a bit on the word. Just listen, and repeat it yourself.


      Keyboard was not appropriate though i changed the setting for Korean. I typed the first letter "SEU" in Korea on my keyboard, but it was wrong.

      I have no idea...


      Look up 'Korean keyboard layout' images and that'll help you.


      hello, these letters (korean ones) are really small and because of it i cant understand them.how can i make them bigger


      Ctrl-+ to make the screen bigger


      Something's really out of place there...


      One thing I find incorrect:

      Duoling says "ㄹ" is an "r" however its actually supposed to be "l", however it's like your typical Asian bias where Asians can't pronounce their L's, so now it's an R app aparrently. Also Duolingo teaches textbook Korean, which isn't used in modern day Korean, look up tutorials on YouTube and see for yourself.


      Its between r and l like a soft r


      ㄹ is not an r or an l, it's a ㄹ


      Yea they give incorrect romanizations period, and since i already knew 한 글 i can easily tell if the romanizations are incorrect


      Every real language course teaches a textbook language, because it is structured. It is the basis to understand that language.

      If you would start with colloquial speech, you'll never understand the language properly. It can vary per region, person etc. Colloquial can be learned later on, speaking to native speakers, watching movies etc.


      듀오링고 광고하나..


      to people who is having a hard time learning stuff in here, yall should learn in yt first.. learn the hanggul(항굴)(means the korean alphabet) , vowels(모음), combined vowels(결합된모음), consonants (자음), and double consonants (이중자음). and then learn how to write a character first before learning here.


      i just go here in duolingo to memorize thoroughly the alphabet and master how to read words faster.


      Why 'robin' pronounced as 'ra'?


      Because even if English writes 'Ro', it isn't pronounced as such in American English



      I have a question. Don't you think it sounds weird when Duolingo pronounces Baskin-Robbins in Korean? Because it's sounds like 'Taeskeu Rabbinseu' (or something like that don't laugh ;-;). Maybe pronunciation in Korean changes... Or I dunno. Can anyone help me?

      Have a nice day, I purple you ^^.


      Most languages pronuonce foreign brand names different, to fit their own language. It's very common, not weird.

      Especially when using a different script, like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian etc. The other script doesn't always have the same sounds to match.

      [deactivated user]

        Instead of using a wordbank how can I type a word on Duolingo if i have Korean keyboard with me? Please tell...


        Robbins = 러빙스 or 러빈스 difference??


        I kept watching the first letter. And find the answer. I don't have the will to read the whole Hangul.


        Why is ㄷ sometimes pronounced as t? The same with ㄹ, ㅂ and ㄱ, they are pronounced differently in different words.


        Why is ㄷ sometimes pronounced as t? The same with ㅂ, ㄹ andㄱ, they are pronounced differently in different words. How to tell which pronunciation is right?


        Why is ㄷ sometimes pronounced as t? The same with ㅂ, ㄹ and ㄱ, they are pronounced differently in different words. How to tell which pronunciation is right?


        Who watched the BangBangCon today !?!?!


        Why is it 배스킨라빈스 instead of 배스킨러빈스?


        Because the first is more similar to how Americans pronounce it.

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