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  5. "Друзі, дружба, дружина"

"Друзі, дружба, дружина"

Translation:Friends, friendship, wife

October 15, 2017



'Жінка' сan also be used for 'wife'.


Is the word for "wife"etymologically related to the word for "friend" in Ukrainian?

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That's a very good question! Surprisingly, this word is not listed in the Etymological Dictionary of the Ukrainian language I've got on my HDD.

The word дружина has two meanings - one is wife, the other one is an army, but not a modern army, but a Kiev Rus time army. Nowadays it could be used metaphorically referring to sport teams, for example.

Anyway, дружина meaning the army does come from друг:


Утворене від загальнослов'янського слова «друг», за значенням близького словам «товариш», «спільник», «споборник». Це свідчить про те, що первісно князь і дружинники були зв'язані дружніми узами, які перепліталися зі взаємними обов'язками

There's also an English language wiki article about Druzhina/army:


I wasn't able to find etymology of дружина = wife, but if I had to guess, I would say it has exactly the same etymology.

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