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How should I keep myself motivated

How should I keep myself motivated to practice 3 languages a day instead of one . I want it to be balanced so i don't rush it , therefore grasping the material but i also don't want it to be too lengthy otherwise i might lose interest...

October 15, 2017



Learning a language is lengthy, my friend. 3 languages seems like a bit much for most, but if you can handle it, good for you. There's not really a way to keep yourself motivated that applies to everyone, but just think about what motivated you to learn the language in the first place and what the learning the language means to you.


Considering how many hours it takes to master a language, I'm not quite sure how you could keep up motivation to learn 3 languages a day either, to be honest.


Sup'. You could try timed practice? It doesn't take that long to strengthen that way, and it is a race against the clock. SPQR and Ciao! Warriorg315

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