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Need Suggestions for a Study Schedule.

I need suggestions on how to create a consistent study schedule to practice each language (Korean and Japanese). How can I balance between learning Japanese and Korean? And how long should I be practicing each language (time wise in minutes/hours), and how many days out of the week should I be practicing each language? I would like answers that would best help me in achieving fluency in both languages! I am having trouble finding a consistent schedule. Thank you!

October 15, 2017



I would suggest every day. Start with 15 minutes a day for each language - do one in the morning and the other in the evening or afternoon. Do you commute to work? Add extra lessons as you have time. Of course much depends on how busy you are and how quickly you want to master the languages. Have you considered doing one language at a time? I am studying Spanish. However I created a profile that says I speak English and want to learn Spanish, and one that says I speak Spanish learning English. I rotate between these and do at least 5 lessons per day.


I would suggest you study each language for a least 20 minutes for 6 times a week. 10 minutes for each language


I'd do one lesson a day of each language. Then it would be easy to maintain.


That's a good idea. But more if you want but good for least


It's not all about schedule. I learn German which is easier than Korean or Japanese for an English speaker. But it's about immersing yourself in the language. You need to right in Japanese. Join Japanese gaming servers (If you're a gamer). These are things I do and I'll tell you some of the things I've done and do do. Watching movies is a good idea. Not all movies have Japanese or Korean subtitles; probably less than have German, also if you get fluent enough start to read books. I have a nephew and I read Goldy locks in German

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