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  5. "Korea's squad is the best."

"Korea's squad is the best."

Translation:한국의 선수단은 가장 좋은 선수단이다.

October 15, 2017



Literally: Korea’s squad is the most good squad.

[deactivated user]

    goodest! :p


    Can I use 제일? Are 가장 and 제일 just a synonym?


    Yes they should be interchangeable.


    according to one of the earlier lessons, there can never be a second 가장, but if there is a tie for first place 제일 can be used


    I think that 한국 선수단은 최고다 should be an accepted translation for "Korea's squad is the best"


    I feel like I have two very separate thoughts on this. First, I think the English translation isn't as correct as it should be. The better, clearer sentence should be "Korea's squad is the best squad." If I imagine a TV host expressing this thought as an actual opinion during the Olympic coverage, it feels like they would say the whole phrase, because saying just "Korea's squad is the best" sounds like you're rooting for or supporting the squad (like a fan would do) rather than just reporting on or analyzing the squad's strength or ability.
    Secondly, it often feels like learning Korean is a game of trying to omit or skip as many words (and syllables) as possible without losing the meaning. Would most native Korean speakers repeat the word squad like that?


    That is a stupid redundant way to speak. No Korean speaks this way. I mean, nobody. Rather, 한국 선수단은 가장 좋다 or, 한국팀은 최고다 or, 한국팀은 최고 works. Or even colloquially, 한국 선수단은 가장 좋은 is okay.


    best should be 최고


    가장 좋은 is the most simple way for superlatives. 최고 is also usable here. Derived from Chinese 最高.


    is there really not a more efficient way to say this?


    한국 선수단은 가장 좋다 or 한국팀이 최고다


    Korea is the best at everything

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