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  5. "여자가 한국어를 공부합니다."

"여자가 한국어를 공부합니다."

Translation:The woman studies Korean.

October 15, 2017



aw same we have so much in common


why learn is incorrect?


i also think that should be correct, right?


That's a different verb 배우다.


why is "The woman is studying Korean" incorrect?


Because "is studying" is continuous present, "studies" is simple present. They have different forms in English and Korean; I expect the form for "is studying" will be introduced in a later lesson.


Because you put the verb in gerund (ing)


Is there a rule that dictates when a verb is "noun" + the verb "to do" (I think this is the compound verb?) and when a verb exists "by itself" (for example, 배웁니다, to learn)? Or do you just learn over time which are which?


I wrote "The women is learning Korean" and it said it was wrong >< I was pretty close ㅠㅠ


Well there are a couple problems with your sentence, which are likely why it was marked wrong.

Firstly, "women" is plural, and "woman" is singular. English uses different verb forms for singular and plural nouns, for example "the woman is" versus "the women are".

Secondly, the Korean sentence is in the simple present tense, and your translation is in the present continuous. The distinction has to do with the completeness of the action; "the woman learns Korean" implies that this action is performed and finished, while "the woman is learning Korean" implies that the learning goes on without ending.


Without the plural marker the word could be singular or plural, so that is not a problem.

Simple present tense is also not finished, but Korean has a present continuous form for things that are happening and you cannot put present continuous for this sentence.

Learn is not the same as study in English and Korean also has two separate verbs.


The only reason I mentioned plurals is because Sumaya225036 mentioned their answer was "the women is" which is an incorrect translation due to poor English, not an issue with misinterpreting the original Korean.


Ah, I am sorry. Well then. the corrected version is “The women study Korean.” or “The woman studies Korean.” I only answered yours because you said “learns” “implies that this action is performed and finished”. The simple present is not the past. “Learns” can be used if someone learns Korean from a teacher on a regular basis. “Studies” is the work someone does to remember after the teacher has explained something about the language.


I wrote the right answer but why is it showing incorrect??


I wrote The woman study Korean and it failed me on showed that it supposed to be women?


You have the wrong verb form for the singular. It can either be “The woman studies Korean.” or the plural “The women study Korean.” If the plural marker were used, then it would have to be plural.


What is the difference between "woman" and "lady" here, and why is only "woman" accepted?


Hah cant relate tbh


Finally a sentence that I can relate to woohooooooooo


The woman is me. I am the woman.


it'm me awe♡


What does the 어 mean? I know what the 를 is but not the 어?


That's me! Because of kpop and kdramas, Im pursuing my self to study because some idols dont put captions Lol


When you thought it was "The Korean woman studies"


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