"Im Juli"

Translation:In July

April 4, 2014



Fatih Akin is trying to get into subliminal marketing, I see.


Ja, I saw that movie.


Are months always in Dative? Because "in" is a two way preposition, right? And can also be used with accusative?


Consider this:

"Im Hause" - "in the house" (location) -- dative

"In das Haus" - "into the house" (direction) -- accusative

In general, "in July" signifies a location in time, so you need the dative.

You could use the accusative for a stretch of time that starts before, but moves into the month:

"Ich werde bis in den Juli arbeiten". - "I am going to work into July" (don't know if this sounds good in English, but it should give you the idea).

EDIT: There are many expressions with time that all use the dative case:

"Im Juli, im Oktober. Im Sommer, im Winter. Am Morgen, am Mittag, am Abend, in der Nacht. Im nächsten Jahr. In der letzten Woche."


Should I add extra emphasis on the "Im"?


It sounds similar to Juni


I wrote in the july. why's that wrong.


We just don't use the article in English - at least, I can't think of any context in which we would. E.g. "next year in July" and "in July of/in 1986" sound much more natural to me without the "the".

(German uses articles for months much more often than English does, which is why we have im; the hints for im can't be changed for certain contexts only, unfortunately.)


"in the July of 2015" is possible, it's not used much, but I don't think it should be marked wrong. Getting something little like that wrong is just frustrating sometimes man.

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