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  5. "Jsem muž nebo žena?"

"Jsem muž nebo žena?"

Translation:Am I a man or a woman?

October 15, 2017



When you have serious doubts in life.


I have a hard time imagining this sentence coming up in general conversation. Perhaps in a game?


I hear "Jsem me muž nebo žena?"


I also hear this and have heard similar things with other letters in other lessons. I have the idea (don't know where I got it) that in Czech, ALL letters are pronounced. So now I'm thinking that what we're hearing is the effect of each M being pronounced independently-- as opposed to the two Ms being run together into a single sound.

If a native speaker could weigh in on this, that would be great.


The audio sounds fine to me, at least now.


On the fast recording there is an extra "e" or "a" sound that is not present in the slow one. Like an extra beat that denotes a word break. "Jsem e muz nebo zena."


There is nothing of the sort. There is a completely regular glottal stop that divides the two words (one ending with m and one beginning with m). It is not phonemic and it belongs there. It must be there. The recording is correct and you should train your ear to distinguish it as a word or morpheme boundary, not as a vowel.


The glottal stop explains it. Trying to learn to sound like a native Czech speaker it helps to understand this.

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