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What is the difference between euch and dir?

Hi! I'm rather confused about the difference between euch and dir. I know that they are both dative, and that euch can be accusative plural as well, but when do you use dir and euch in dative case? Is it a matter of preference, or is euch also used in dative as plural?

Thanks in advance!

October 15, 2017



You use "Dir" when talk to a single person you're giving something and "Euch" when that target is a group of people.

"Ich gebe dir den Apfel" and "Ich gebe euch den Apfel" both translate to "I give you the apple". But in the first case "you" refers to a single person, and in the second case it refers to a group of people.


You (Singular):

Nominative: du; Accusative: dich; Dative: dir

You (Plural):

Nominative: ihr; Accusative: euch; Dative: euch

You (Formal):

Nominative: Sie; Accusative: Sie; Dative: Ihnen


accusative (the direct object)

du = dich ihr = euch


du = dir ihr = euch

"du" is singular, similar to the romantic "tu" or the archaic english pronoun "thou"


Thanks for helping out!

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