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Worst bug in the Japanese for English speakers course (in the final version)

This question has the worst bug ever:

"アメリカ......です。 " translation:I am american.

The correct answer is 人, but the only options are :

  1. ジョン (John)

  2. わたし (me)

I tried both and both are incorrect.

I hope they fix it soon because I can't finish the course without answering it correctly.

October 15, 2017



Some more info would help.

  • Which lesson did you encounter this in?
  • Are you on desktop web, mobile web, Android app, or iOS app?
  • Do you have a screenshot so we can see exactly what you saw?

I had a look for it and found it in the 5th skill "Intro" and lesson 3 of that skill. I'm using Chrome on my Windows 10 desktop PC.

Here's the screenshot I took just a minute ago for what it looks like for me:

I've no idea why it was different for you. If you can give some more concrete details about it, someone might be able to help solve the problem. ^^

(Also, this course is only released in "beta" testing version still, not "final version". It's in incubator phase 2, not incubator phase 3.)


I agree with you.
I hope it helps him/her
アメリカ(国名:country names in Japanese)+人 =アメリカ人(American)


I know it's a beta, i was trying to say that it is already launched for using in the web. And i am using the mobile web version.


Ah, okay. ^^

I've just tried "Intro" lesson 3 on my phone. Immediately on the first question I could see there is a problem! ↓

It doesn't allow page scrolling or zooming out. So there's no way to read the third answer choice (and any other answer choices that might be below it). Definitely badly designed.

A few questions later I encountered the sentence you are talking about: ↓

I thought this sentence wasn't going to display correctly for me either. I guess it just depends on luck with which mobile device and what size screen you have. Hope they fix this. ^^

For now, you could click "request desktop site" in your mobile browser menu (if it has this). This isn't a great solution though and isn't nice to use.

(My phone: Android, Sony Xperia Z3, 5.2 inch screen, using Chrome mobile browser.)


Good sleuthing, moogle. Have a lingot for your hard work.


I am using my iPad. And for me the first one works but not the second one.


Did you use your devise horizontally?


Well, that's strange


It seems like you missed the option 3. In my opinion, the worst error is the sound of , pronounced as . That pronounciation only happens when は is a particle, はな doesn't sound わな.


That's because in actual Japanese, the particle は makes the sound わ. That's not actually an issue, just a weird quirk from the language itself.


That is what I thought when it had only 2 options and any of them made any sense.

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