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  5. "Do you see the colors?"

"Do you see the colors?"

Translation:Vidíš ty barvy?

October 15, 2017



Why not 'Vidíte barvy'? Is English "the colors" means some special "ty" colors?


When you say 'vidite barvy" you are asking somebody if he is or is not color blind. If he is capable of seeing colors. Sam se 'Do you see colors?' in English. When you say 'the colors' you do means some colors on that thing over there or something similar. You do need to reflect it in Czech somehow. "Ty" walks in.


I thought at first that it's "vidis tie barvy". Why not?(i think i have an idea that i'm thinking with another language but i still want to know).


„Vidíš tie“ would be correct... if this was Slovak course instead of Czech. These two languages are pretty similar, though. „Barvy“ is correct in Czech :)

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