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  5. "Is the cake sour?"

"Is the cake sour?"

Translation:케이크가 십니까?

October 15, 2017



Is 신 "sour" in the sense that something has spoiled?


No, "시다" means the food has a sharp taste like a lemon.


As an English-speaker, note that in the USA, a lemon may be described as tart or sour.

But, sour can also be used to describe a food that has a taste of being spoiled. Spoiled milk. Spoiled food equals rotting or rotten food.

Certain pickled foods have a lot of vinegar. We call pickled cucumbers "pickles". The ones with a lot of vinegar are described as sour or tart or tangy.

So are 시다 and 신 closer to the sour of lemons, but not the pickles made with lots of vinegar flavor?


To be sour as in sour (spoiled) milk is 상하다. 시다 is to be acid taste-wise. Pickles also 시다.


Oh, yes, too bad. You can't eat any. (heh heh heh)


Did you just taste it!!! Oh no!!! Actually that's not a cake.


The hint for sour does not match with any of the possible answers. Android


2019-08-24: the hint has it now.

(I am on mobile where the comments dont have dates)


Now is it only context that tells you whether you are talking about a specific cake or cakes in general?


To answer in general, yes. That's why Duolingo is accepting either a topic or subject markers since there is no context when the questions/statements are shown.

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