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Hi all,

I have a question especially to Duolingo team. I have a small blog and I would like to make a very positive description of Duolingo. In addition I want to use Duolingo logo and make some screenshots of my account. Is it legal or not to put logo and screenshots on my blog?

Thanks in advance ;-)

October 15, 2017



I believe it's legal if you're not using it for financial gain/profit.


I don't believe it is illegal to use a public page's logo and screenshots when writing about it, MisterKunero, but it is very nice of you to ask =] Share with us when you're done (if you like)


Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I do not write in English but in Polish, so I think many people would not understand. But here is the link to the post on my blog: http://testerzycia.pl/2017/10/17/spotkanie-z-zielona-sowa/

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