"Piłka nożna to mój ulubiony sport."

Translation:Soccer is my favorite sport.

October 15, 2017



Do you really say "piłka nożna", or is there some loan word as well?

October 15, 2017


Yes, we really do say "piłka nożna" or when context is clear it's enough to say "piłka". Football players are called 'piłkarz' (plural: piłkarze). Informal names would be: gała, noga (yes leg), nożna. There is also: piłka kopana. Futbol is used when we don't want to repeat 'piłka nożna' all the time.

Some other sports:

  • piłka siatkowa (siatkówka) = volleyball (lit. netball), player: siatkarz
  • piłka ręczna = handball, colloquially: szczypiorniak, short: ręczna, player: piłkarz ręczny, szczypiornista
  • piłka wodna = water polo
  • sport żużlowy, żużel (lit. slag) = Motorcycle speedway, sportsman: żużlowiec
  • skoki narciarskie = ski jumping; short: skoki; sportsman: skoczek
  • tenis stołowy = table tennis; colloquially: ping-pong; player (colloq): pingpongista (off) tenisista stołowy
  • tenis ziemny, tenis = tennis; player: tenisista (female: tenisistka)
October 15, 2017


Sometimes you can hear 'futbol', but that's rather to avoid repetitions (Polish language really hates repetitions in texts). Also you may not be sure if what is meant is football (soccer) or American football.

Also, as piłka nożna is definitely the most popular sport in Poland, sometimes "piłka" may be enough to say, especially in a context of playing with your friends. If you tell your mom "Mamo, idę grać w piłkę" she will rather picture football, not any other sport. Unless you practice handball, so then this would be the first assumption of course.

October 15, 2017
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