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Possibly an error in this week's WIU...

Hello! I was looking at this week's WIU and I noticed that it included an update from an English for Polish speakers contributor. However, the exact same update was in last week's WIU. Was this a typo, or was it supposed to be there?

Also, why was this week's WIU locked?



October 15, 2017



There is no errors.

the exact same update was in last week's WIU. Was this a typo, or was it supposed to be there?

Not the first time it happens. ;)

As it's not published exactly every 168hours (7 * 24 hours), some margins are taken to avoid to miss an update : each WIU shows the updates made during the last 240 hours (=10 "days") before data are retrieved.

Also, why was this week's WIU locked?

Because the WIU aren't discussions, they are more updates/information.


Can't say I agree, it's a good platform for discussing future developments in the incubator without flooding the forum with 'unofficial' ones. Was there something that caused the need for this change? The previous ones certain aren't locked.


I would agree that having an unlocked WUI, should be a useful way of hoovering up forum clutter (related to the Incubator). It gives a nice central place to discuss such things.

Unfortunately we have been getting quite a few posts created recently for minor Incubator changes, like date changes for courses hardly started, or 2% progress changes, etc. If these posts are being created, then what's the point of an unlocked WUI?

It's a shame, but the demographics of the discussions seems to be shifting, and I guess things have to change. However, with this particular change, I think we will just get more posts like this one, where people want to discuss the WUI etc etc... so more forum clutter.


From my perspective, it used to be interesting discussions, but they have devolved into mindless chatter. This advanced, I wish that advanced, here is a lengthy robot translation to slow the loading down, and why are they downvoting. Good riddance.


Still, those discussions are (I guess now were) the most reliably interesting discussions on here. That's why I've looked forward to them, and always followed them, even if I wouldn't have commented.

Now I have literally no reason to check the discussion boards.



100% agree with everything you said. Bye, Duo...


Certainly then it's a "it's too much of a hassle to mod" or "the meaningful discussion has disappeared" not "it's just not a place for discussion". And both of those are fine enough reasons, but why not give those immediately then?


The blunt assessment, as stated, is my perspective, not one of the mod/decisionmaker. The area of overlap, if any, probably lies in the recently deteriorated loading speed.


Babies, bathwater,...


Oh, okay, thanks Jrikhal!

But then why weren't the previous WIUs locked?


Surely just a really unlucky massive coincidence that this change in policy occured on the very same week Japanese and Korean happened to finally be released on web (where they ended up as exact replicas of the app, with irritating tiles rather than allowing typing).

Hope I'm not being too cynical... ^^;


If that were the case, I imagine they would have locked the official announcement about it, as well. But that is open for discussion.


But Duolingo was (most likely) not expecting so much backlash about the Korean/Japanese layout when they made the announcement, but now that they have seen it, chances are they locked the WIU to prevent complaints about that.


I agree with you completely.


Well, would you look at that... -5 votes.

There must have been quite a considerable number of downvoters, since I upvoted, and I assume the people who awarded lingots probably upvoted, and likely some others too.

-5 votes = thread gets automatically removed from the discussion listings.

Interesting how not a single person has left a comment about why they thought Woof shouldn't have asked those questions, or about why they thought we shouldn't be allowed to discuss it.

This means no one else will be able to see this thread. When the next person wonders why this week's WIU is locked, there'll now be yet another thread made about this same thing... ^^;


I noted this as well...

Oh well, it's only -2 now, but as we know, discussions (whether sensible or BS) end up lost in the noise pretty quickly anyway. :-S


Heh. I upvoted. We'll see what happens...

I have a conspiracy theory, but I'm worried if I voice it, the thread will get deleted. Hmm...


If you have a Discord you should add me at: 세빈#6245 (or get one if you don't). I keep feeling bad whenever I see your disappointment around here and would like to help you out with your Japanese/Korean if I can.

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