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  5. "Ти маєш скайп?"

"Ти маєш скайп?"

Translation:Do you have Skype?

October 15, 2017



This question makes me wonder--is Skype widely used in Ukraine? It just seems a bit odd... I mean, of all the questions Duolingo could teach us to ask... why this one?


Skype was like 'must have' in windows XP era. Nowadays it is not so, but is still somewhat used. This sentense can be used if you look to contact with a person and you use skype ( or change it to Viber or telegram or whatever).


The "correct" answer Duolingo gave, "Do you've Skype?," isn't correct. It has to be "Do you have Skype?" The words "you have" cannot be contracted in this sentence.


The official English sentence (the main answer) is "Do you have Skype". I believe "Do you've Skype" was autogenerated by their software (because they generate contractions, so that the user can type "I have done it" and "I've done it" without moderators having to add both variants).

It was probably shown to you because you typed something more similar to "Do you've Skype" then to "Do you have Skype" (more similar according to their algorithm).

I might be wrong there, but, of course, "do you've.." doesn't make sense.

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