"Does the green owl have ears?"

Translation:녹색인 부엉이는 귀가 있습니까?

October 15, 2017



Is it possible that there are more terms for the color green? Like 초록색?

October 15, 2017


록색, 초록색, 푸른색... Quite a few

March 26, 2019


Is this kind of politeness level only used when talking to elderly people? I mean would it be used very often?

January 5, 2018


If you live in korea you will use it fairly often, but mostly for elderly people or people you arent close to, i use it probably just a little each day

January 28, 2018


My teacher (Korean man aged 60) says this level would be used in speaking in business situations to a person you don't know well or when speaking formally to a group--for example, when presenting at a conference.

March 14, 2018


Yes, Duolingo. Just look at a mirror.

January 15, 2018
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