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  5. "Ñuhi kepi sȳri issi."

"Ñuhi kepi sȳri issi."

Translation:My fathers are good.

October 15, 2017


[deactivated user]

    I was not aware that the world of Game of Thrones was this progressive.


    Why 'fathers' in plural instead singular?


    has 2 dads, maybe one adoptive one biological


    Wait so whats the difference between syri and syu since both mean good?


    Syz is singular while Syri is plural. Both mean good. but if you are saying something like: Nuha vala syz: my father is good (Singular my father indicates the use of Syz) Nuhi vali syri: My fathers are good (Plural my fatherS the plural for father, indicates the plural use of Nuhi and Syri)

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