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  5. "Nic pro sebe nechtěla."

"Nic pro sebe nechtěla."

Translation:She did not want anything for herself.

October 15, 2017



prosím, jaký je rozdíl mezi "she wanted nothing for herself" a "she did not want anything for herself" jako překlad pro větu: Nic pro sebe nechtěla.?


As a native English speaker, I would say they basically give the same literal information, although "She wanted nothing for herself" is stronger and more emphatic than "She did not want anything for herself." To me, the first means that she is extremely unselfish, as in never wanting anything for herself. The second is less extreme, to me it means that maybe in one particular instance she didn't want anything for herself, but at other times she might have.


Stačí hlásit knoflíkem.

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