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"Sasa ni saa sita kasoro dakika tano"

Translation:Now it is five minutes to twelve

October 15, 2017



‘Five to twelve’ is standard English and should be accepted.


Given the Swahili includes the word dakika, I'd say the minutes should be included in the English. There are plenty of sentences where variations should be accepted (but usually aren't). I don't think this is one of them.


should it not be 5 minutes to 6 not 12?


Thank you i thought i was crazy


Yes i don't know why but you need to had +6 to the hour number


Talked to my sister in Tanzania and she says they count by "solar time" sunrise is approximately 6am, so 7 is hour one. Still trying to figure out where the lesson referenced below is but that's the basic.


You are correct - day begins at 6 and not 12 like it is for us. Therefore, to say 7 am you would say "Saa moja".


Did you read the lesson on time? In Swahili, they start couting at 6am, sunrise. So 7am is saa moja (one), noon is saa sita (six), etc. It is always 6 hours behind how we tell the time.


Wait read what lesson? Where are lessons we can read? I had to read about it in another answer.


I also would like to know where the lesson are..


Its not a lesson its a tips section, its only accessible on computer unfortunately, click on the lesson you want to do and a little light bulb pops up on the right, that is the tips and notes.

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