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I want to be able to submit corrections after doing timed practice!

Three! Count them, three corrections in one single timed practice! I usually do a couple of timed practices a day, and nearly every day there's something I can correct. Today it's farking three in one set, which of course ran out the clock! I would feel sooo much better if I could at least submit corrections.

I posted about this months ago. And never got any response from you, Duolingo staff. Please, please, please, respond!

October 15, 2017



Been requested numerous times before. Whatever case there was for it got a very great deal weaker when freewrite reports were eliminated.

The report button still works during timed practice, and it really doesn't take long to use. If you feel that strongly about submitting reports, just do so. If you care enough to post two threads about it and to go to the trouble of reporting things after your lesson is completed, then perhaps you care enough to report at the sake of having to begin a new timed practice session a bit sooner than you might otherwise have had to.


Good points.

I'm against making it possible to freeze timed practice. With 200,000,000 users on Duolingo, errors will get reported by someone, so no emergency there. Timed Practice keeps our brains moving quickly to pull up what we're learning as fast as possible. It's the whole point of having a clock for pressure. Being able to pause the clock to report something removes us from the pressure zone and negates the value of Timed Practice.


corrections, like doing it again?

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