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Two features that I can't seem to find

So, last year, I started Duolingo, and there were two features that I sometimes used that don't appear to be accessible anymore. These were the short flashcard reviews under "words", and the advanced test you could buy in the lingot store.

I was wondering if there was still a way to access either of these. Thanks!

October 15, 2017



The flashcards feature is gone. There is a program called TinyCards, made by Duolingo, which serves as its successor. As for the advanced test, it's also gone. However, I have seen some workarounds on this forum that allow you to get it back. Try doing a search for it.

Edit: Found it. Have fun.

[deactivated user]


    tinycards is not a good replacement for the old flashcard feature, and I won't use it again.

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