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  5. "Do you have many of them?"

"Do you have many of them?"

Translation:Máš jich mnoho?

October 15, 2017



Is there a reason 'mnoho' and 'jich' must appear in a certain order? If so, there needs to be more explanation concerning Czech word order.


The word order in questions is not so flexible as in declarative sentences.


Why isn't "máš mnoho jich" right?


Jich acts as a clitic here and wants to be in the second position.

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I thought jejich as jeho does not change, what's jich? Thanks


There is no jejich or jeho anywhere here. Jich is the genitive case of oni or ony or ona (as neuter plural).

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I confused it with the Czech version of their/theirs. Thank your for the clarification.


I put "mnoho jich mas?" and I'm not quite sure why it was counted as wrong. Jich is in the 2nd position; as to stress, it seems any one of the words could be stressed and have a similar meaning. I know these are the "subtleties of the language" that simply takes time to get a handle on but how would you translate what my word order is?


Most likely as "You have many of them?"

It is definitely marginal in the main meaning that comes across, which is what I attempted to show above. A secondary meaning is a Yoda-level affectation that I would be tempted to render as "Many of them you have?"

I am afraid this is a dead-end inquiry for a beginner, and there is no good solution. The edges of acceptability on the Czech side are fuzzy.


"Maš jich vela" doesn't work here?


Czech isn't Slovak.


Máš mnoho z nich ? Co je špatného? Dík za odpověď.

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