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Hiding posts from our discussions


I think an option to hide posts from our discussion feed from our own individual (that doesn't affect anyone else) wall would be a good idea. There are still some worthwhile posts, but on the same forum, a huge number of posts are either spam or very tedious to read. All the time the same questions appear over and over again: ''How do I stay motivated?'', ''What language should I learn next?'', ''Why isn't insertlanguagehere on Duolingo?'', and it's very tedious. The questions aren't stupid themselves (bar the second question), but a google search could've given the users infinite answers. Worse still, all the time, I see posts like ''hi'' or ''i just started spanish'' and whatnot. I am starting to read less and less these forums, and have already found a similar one without so much spam. A ''hide'' button is my last hope, because I am starting to feel like leaving this community. The website is great, but the forum feels like Facebook in terms of what we post, sorry.

October 15, 2017



yeah...thats true...
I completely agree. duolingo is being used like facebook, all posts and crap, too much "social connections!!", not enough "let's learn French now.." attitude. even though i havent been here for months now, pretty much the problem hasnt gotten any better.... a "hide" button could be a great solution, clear away all that spam....
but just for the mods, of course.....
i think that could be just the answer!! :)


Well, are the moderators happy for this forum to be treated like Facebook? They are already able to delete posts, but despite that I still see huge amounts of nonsense here. What I suggest is a ''hide'' option for our individual feed, that doesn't affect anyone else. The amount of spam is making me want to read less and less the Duolingo discussions.


Good point.
Now I even understand what you mean with this thread and where the difference to -5 down-votes shall be :-)

If you put kids and 18-21++ years old users on the very same discussion forums with no separate (write only for school) and the rest write-protected sub-forums....this does not work out:

"(NOT Maybe!!!) it would be better to keep the Discussions and the whole website separated from Schools": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24846104

However, the main problem of DuoLingo IMHO is their constant fight against opening more discussion sub-forums (introduction, off-topic talk, clubs, etc.) so the main forums would NOT be cluttered.

I think an option to hide posts from our discussion feed

Why don't you write it then into your 1st post:
our own individual....that doesn't affect anyone else discussion streams, e.g https://www.duolingo.com/topic/subscriptions/new or https://www.duolingo.com/topic/subscriptions/hot


I could and probably should've written, although it may be a bit late. I'll add anyway.


I can totally relate to your experience... and it takes a lot of effort for me not to rant on about all things which annoy me about this forum and the way it's run. Mostly because the missed potential which is here. So many people from so many backgrounds with so much experience, all having a passion for languages, but so little is done with it. The removal of activity streams may have improved things on the server side (and probably for the moderator's workload) but the possibility for interactions between users is limited, which is probably intended by Duo (less issues, less maintenance, focus on the courses themselves).

A few small improvements to the board would improve things immensely though, like a separate board for introductions and the like, and a mandatory "tutorial" you have to click through before you can post anything, instructing you about the guidelines (what to post, where to post) and how to post (descriptive topics, show a bit of effort) etc.. Post with topics like "I have a question", "hi", "Duo isn't working" etc. should be forbidden =D (This would also help the search-function of the forum be less of a nightmare ;))

On the upside though, you get a free language-learning tool with decent vocabulary which is gradually taught. So use Duo for what it's good for, and use other tools/sites for other things. I use other resources for grammar explanations, dictionaries and flashcards. Would it be nice if it's all in one place? Yes! Would it be nice it that place had a whole social ecosystem around it (messages, (video)chat etc)? Yes! But it's not gonna happen (here) I'm afraid

PS. My utopian hide button would include a whole demographic... dreaming on =)


I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many upvotes for my post... I actually had my flamesuit prepared. You are indeed correct about the upsides. Duolingo has a fantastic website that I learned huge amounts from, but the discussion page needs so much work. If the admins want the discussion board to be like Facebook, it's their decision... but I would prefer not to read such posts. A ''hide'' button would be a good solution.


Perhaps if there was a hide option, people would be less likely to downvote posts that don't interest them.


I completely agree.


It would be a nice option. The only thing available now is to scan through, click into a message, hit favorite, then go back later to review those messages that do interest me. It can be more time-consuming than seems necessary.

[deactivated user]

    I have argued for a couple years we should have to do a test on the rules to be allowed to access the forums, but no traction. I also feel like mods go easy on so much of the spam because it is children doing it and they are afraid of scaring the kid away from language learning or some silly nonsense like that. Knowing for sure that everybody knows the rules of the forum would cut down on mod sympathy and fatigue, making them more productive as well as giving them less things to deal with. I think it would really clean this place up! I like your idea a lot too. Like, we could do both.

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