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multi or mono language learning

hi everybody i wanna learn spanish and french as first two languages what should i do to learn them along side each other or to finish one and then start one another?

October 15, 2017



In my opinion, you should just focus on one at a time. So far, you've started Spanish. Learn that first. Once you've mastered it, you can move on to French. Both those languages are similar; learning one will make learning the other one easier (also, don't forget you need to practice the language, so it stays rooted in your memory). I hope I helped. This is the method that I'm using, too. I'm going to focus on French and once I become "fluent" (the definition of fluency varies), I'm going to move onto learning another language that is part of the Romance family. Good luck!


yes it did cause i see many people here with lvl 7 of 5 or 6 languages and it just got me confused :D thanks for your advice


Many of us with more than one language have done them one at a time.


yes i guess youre right :D


Firstly, I would like to mention that everybody is different, so the answer isn't as concrete as I would like it to be. Some people find it much easier to learn multiple languages at once, whereas others find it much harder. (especially when the languages are so similar like french and spanish it gets much easier to mix the two up) My general suggestion is to start out with one, and get to an upper beginner - lower intermediate level before starting on the second.(the higher the level of the first, generally the less problems you will have when adding the second) Having atleast a decent base in one will make it easier to avoid mixing them up in comparison to starting both from scratch at the same time.

Another thing people on this website like to do is "laddering" aka:after you know a bit of spanish, take the french course for spanish speakers - which allows you to practice both languages and for many people reduces the amount of confusion of mixing up the rules between the two. It also adds a bit of extra challenge. I would atleast suggest trying it out even just one or two times just to see if it works for you/

I personally decided to only focus on french, as I only had so much time to put towards language learning, and I got awfully discouraged by how slowly it was going when I was trying to learn two languages at once. (I do intend to pick up dutch again when I have more free time to devote to it, or after I have gotten to a higher competence in french)

I tend to ramble a bit but in summary: Get atleast a decent level in one first, then you can try adding a second. It may or may not work for you, either because of time constraints or getting grammar rules mixed up - and there is no shame in attempting to learn two at once and then if it doesn't work out, putting the second language aside for a time to focus on improving the first, just go into it knowing that that's a possibility and don't get too discouraged.


thanks for the advice my friend i love the laddering idea im not a native english speaker and im using english for spanish speakers too and it will be helpful for me in high levels i suppose maybe ill do the same for french and spanish too when i reach a good lvl in spanish

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