October 15, 2017

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I wish these short answers would at least include an article for practice.


it sounded like >blat<


which sounds like blyat to slavic people


I believe in German pronunciation, "d" at the end of a word is actually pronunced like "t", so it's not entirely your imagination :-)


yeah I heard "Lant" and I typed that, was marked correct with a typo

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i thought it said blunt


Country was marked wrong because auto capitalisation. I think marking country correct and providing a warning is more appropriate. Ive had whole letter typos that had a warning rather than incorrect.


So then what is "Grund"? "Land" as in a piece of? Or, "Land" as in someone's country of origin? And how are we to know in what context "Land" is being used here?

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“Land” means either “country” or “land” (either as opposed to “sea” or a piece of land that may be owned). It can also mean “countryside” (e.g. auf dem Land “in the countryside”).

“Grund” has a couple of meanings (its core meaning is “ground”, for example at the bottom of a body of water, but it can also mean “reason, cause” among other things). In terms of “land” it is typically found in certain compounds: Grundbesitz “property (in terms of land)” for example. It’s not commonly used on its own. Also it can never be used in the sense of “country” or “countryside”, only as “a piece of land”.


"auf dem Lande" notedly... (=countryside)

Land can also mean "mainland", if you are on a ship for example. (land, country, mainland) You can hier also learn the word "das Boden (=ground, floor)"und "die Erde (=earth, soil)"


I wish the questions to skip a level were more elaborated instead of consisting in repeating the same word almost every time


Sounded like "Laut" from the male speaker. Can't say "Land" by itself makes any more sense.

If you're going to insist on single-word 'type what you hear' questions, at least realize that if someone just blurted out "thin" or something similarly vague-sounding in English with no context, we'd probably ask them "what?" several times until they give context.


I have translated with property, for example House with land/property for sale Is it wrong!?


I put in "lant" and it said correct... is it?


Did anybody else keep hearing him say lernt?

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