"We need her, and so we are waiting for her."

Translation:Potřebujeme ji, a proto na ni čekáme.

October 15, 2017

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Is it not okay to say: "Ji potřebujeme, a proto na ni čekáme" ?


Ji has to be in the second position, so it's either: Potřebujeme ji... or My ji potřebujeme...


It sounds unnatural. It is better to add "my"- "My ji potřebujeme, a proto na ni čekáme" or use word order with a verb on the first place - "Potřebujeme ji, a proto na ni čekáme."


Is there a difference between 'Počkat' and 'Čekat'?


In this sentence there definitely is. Počkat is a perfective verb (it forms the other half of the perfective/imperfective pair with čekat), and so what looks like its present tense has the future meaning. If your answer included something like "a proto na ni počkáme", you were really saying "and so we will wait for her".

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