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"The girl drinking juice is cute."

Translation:주스를 마시는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다.

October 15, 2017



It literally says: "Juice drinking girl is cute."


How would you say 'the juice that the girl is drinking is cute' ?


Uh. Well, if you wanted, something like 여자아이가 마시는 주스는 귀엽습니다.


So it is just the word order that distinguishes this sentence from the original?

I guess i'm confused because 'the girl' has the subject particle in both sentences but is only the subject of one of the english sentences. :/


Not just word order, notice that 1st sentence uses 주스를, yours uses 주스는.


So would word order still affect this?

I believe I am likely not alone in presupposing that the expected order would have been something like

마시는 여자아이가 주스를 귀엽습니다.

Or perhaps

여자아이가 마시는 주스를 귀엽습니다.

If I'm not alone, I would wager it's because when we hear SOV as the word order, we sort of get thrown off when something alters it, no matter how easily we can keep up with the meaning.


Both are incorrect. An adnominal adjective (an adjective which is originally an action/a descriptive verb such as 마시는 in this case) comes right before the noun, and 주스 is an object, which must come before the verb 마시-. Consequently "주스를 마시는 여자아이가 귀엽습니다." is the only correct order.


Word orders are confusing !

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