"The big cake is in which place?"

Translation:큰 케이크가 어느 곳에 있어요?

October 15, 2017

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Wasn't place "장소"? Or is it just a synonym?


장소(場所) is a Sino-Korean word.

곳 is a native korean word.

Their meanings are the same.


so frustrating that I managed to write this sentence perfectly but used 있습니까 instead of 있어요 and duo marked it wrong :(


Flag it! It shouldn't be wrong! (Though fyi, this skill is focused on using 해요체 form so in general try using that where possible)


I believe it's because this part is meant to teach polite moods, which requires you to use the interrogative form 있어요. The other one isn't incorrect Korean, just incorrect to use in this part.


Same. Why is 있습니까 wrong?


큰 케이크'는' 어느 곳에 있어요? 어느 곳에 큰 케이크가 있어요?

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    How do you get it so you can type it instead of the word bank and no it doesn't say type it that thing just disappear for me


    It should be right below the word bank...when using duolingo on mobile....


    Why cant i use 곳이예요 ?


    예요/이에요 translates to "it is". So 곳이에요 means "it is a place".

    But here, we're asking "at which place" the cake is. So we have to use the place/location marker 에 which means "at" with 곳. So "at which place" becomes 어느 곳에. And "at which place is it?" becomes 어느 곳에 있어요?.

    Hope this helps. :)


    Whats the different between 곳 and것?


    곳 = Place 것 = Thing


    What is the difference between 장소 and 곳? Thank you!


    장소 is a sino-korean word. 곳 is a native korean word. but both their meanings are the same :)


    What is the difference between 어느 and 물


    어느 is used to modify a noun and is like "which"

    뭘 is used AS a noun and is like "(to/for/at) what" AND is a contraction of 무엇을 (which is 무엇+을, where "무엇" means what (thing), and is the "을" is the direct object particle)

    For example,

    뭘 원해요? - "What do you want?"

    어느 것을 원해요? - "Which* thing do you want?" - note that "which" is used to modify "thing"

    • Some people might say, "What thing do you want?" which isn't the classic formulation in english, but I think is gaining more acceptance nowadays due to how English changes over time.


    Will 어뜬 곳에 work too?


    In the exercise there is not an option to choose 어디 but is the correct one.


    There's no "어디" in the options

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