"Dodoma ipo katikati ya Tanzania"

Translation:Dodoma is in central Tanzania

October 15, 2017



I put "Dodoma is in the centre of Tanzania", as, given the quality of the English in this course, I doubted "Dodoma is in central Tanzania" would be accepted.

Nope. "Dodoma is in central Tanzania" was the correct answer, and I was marked wrong.

The lesson here, don't try to be clever with the course's patchy English.

October 15, 2017


I tried "Dodoma is in the middle of Tanzania," also marked wrong.

March 9, 2018


I reported that one a long time ago and it is accepted now.

July 1, 2018


Nope--it wasn't accepted today. 10/30/2018. I reported it again.

October 30, 2018
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