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  5. "I do not like you."

"I do not like you."

Translation:Nemám tě rád.

October 15, 2017



If I use "Ja" in front of "nemám", is it still "tě" or does it have to be "tebe" then?


You really have to tell us your sentence, I can't guess what you mean.

In the second position we use tě, as we said in this discussion several times. For example: Já tě nemám rád.


what if I am female ?


As far as I understand, then it should be "Nemám tě rádá".


Nemám tě ráda


Can't I write »Tě nemám rád«? As far as I understood the syntax of the Czech language, emphasis is a main factor on which the position of certain words depend. Thus, if I wanted to emphasise that I do not like YOU as the specific person of my disliking, wouldn't it therefore make sense to place »Tě« in the foremost position?


No, tě is a clitic and must be in the second position. In very colloquial speech you can encounter something like 'tě ... but the apostrophe at the start is important. Like 'tě vidim instead of Rád tě vidím.. Or older 'tě noha instead of Pozdrav tě ruka Páně (now we say 'tě pic).

No wonder they put 'Se učit (instead of Učit se) in the mouth of a foreign student, it is really highly ungrammatical https://youtu.be/-EfqQktPLZw?t=8


Thanks for the quick response and sorry for my contrarily belated response. So far, I see what you mean and it makes sense to me. But what do you mean by the apostrophe in front of clitics like “tě”? Maybe I lack the knowledge as I haven't reached so far in the Duolingo course of the Czech language, but aside of letters like d' and t' (I'm sorry, but I couldn't find the apparent letters in the Windows sign chart), I cannot recall any such rule that in case of colloquial speech, clitics in the first position had to be preceded by apostrophes. Could you help me with this? Would be well appreciated.


"Já nemám tě rad". Why is this incorrect?


tě must be in the second position. We have this article https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920 about clitics.

See also the answer to Ollyfer.

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