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Vanishing answers

When I run out of hearts, then make one more mistake, the page with my wrong answer and the correct one below flashes onto the screen & then immediately vanishes before I have time to read it, throwing me back to the start of the lesson. Are others having this trouble?

April 4, 2014



Hi, this kind of discussion is better suited for troubleshooting section. You can still transfer it there by pressing edit and then in upper left corner choose troubleshooting section.

Does this happen every time ? Does it happen when you use timed or non-timed practice ?


Thanks for that tip. Yes, every time lately. Non-timed practice (didn't know there was a timed option!). -- Seamus


Hi SeamusCoon! In order to replicate this we'll need a little more info. Where were you using the app? If on the web- What browser/OS are you using? What skill/lesson?


I'm on a desktop Mac using OSX 10.9.2. I was doing the lesson on strengthening pronouns at the time. I just tried the same thing (using all hearts & giving a wrong answer) on a different lesson & it worked fine. I could see the right answer & request to see my own wrong answer.

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