"Er ligt nog één stukje fruit op het bord."

Translation:There is one more piece of fruit on the plate.

1 year ago



any particular reason why "there is another piece of fruit on the plate" is an incorrect translation? to me, "one more" is synonymous with "another" in this context, though I understand "nog één" might be meant to emphasize that there is only one piece left.

1 year ago


I think if there is a piece of fruit it is the same as one piece!

1 year ago


één = one een = a

1 year ago


Why is it lying and not sitting on the plate? Are there rules to this position thing? Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes it feels a bit random.

8 months ago


I'm no native speaker but this is what I've learned so far from Duo and my Dutch friend.

Anything round (most fruit is so I guess that's why fruit falls under this category) lies. This includes things like balls. Anything flat also lies, like paper, blankets, or a book. If it's natural position is not upright it most likely is an item that would be described as lying. Anything knocked over on its side is also now lying. A knocked down tree would now be lying. Locations can also lie. As in a city lies within a country. If you are talking about a park or beach, you would say the park "lies" in your neighborhood.

If it has legs, is tall, is square or simply upright, it usually stands. Examples like chairs, buildings, cars, boxes, trees or an upright bottle. Words in a book or newspaper also stand, and also a person in a picture "stands" in the photo.

If something is within something else, then it sits. Examples: anything in a box "sits" in the box, anything in your pocket sits in it, liquids sit in a cup, items sit in the car.

It all sounded a bit confusing to me at first but once you just picture the position of the items it actually becomes quite simple. I hope this helps even just a little bit as I'm probably not the best at explaining things through text.

7 months ago


Could it be translated by: there is still one more piece of fruit on the plate?

7 months ago


Why is the diminutive "stukje" used here as opposed to "stuk"? Does this actually mean a "little piece" instead of simply a "piece"?

2 months ago

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How would one say "there is still one piece of fruit on the plate"?

1 week ago
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