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"Do you have chickens or fish?"

Translation:Tu ai pui sau pește?

October 16, 2017



I'm confused. I expect to use pești instead of pește. Is there a roule which has to be followed?


Yea if u spell it out as "Peshte" listen to what it says then u can repeat after it and see the difference of what you hear and what you expect - By Eddie - your welcome


as info..i also have difficulties in hearing what the pronounciation is.....and then ofcourse say or write the wrong "translation"..... i very often wonde if the female "teacher" is a native speaker born and bred in Romania....


Rule seems to be plurals end in "i" .two fish două pesti


Why does it say I'm wrong when I put "voi avem" instead of "tu ai", I thought it was like the French where the "voi" is used to refer directly to a group of people or as an honorary to a specific person.


"avem" is in the first person of plural (noi avem). Then, "voi avem" is wrong. You must write "voi aveți" instead


I wrote Aveți and it was marked correct. Maybe you used a different verb?


why is - ori - now suddenly used iso - sau ?? by the way chickens is a plural word whilst -peste- is a singular. also in the meaning of the english : fish is singular not plural...the word fish is meant as a whole , not like i have fishes in a bowl!

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