"The children are eating strawberries."

Translation:Les enfants mangent des fraises.

October 16, 2017

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I still don't know the right time to use Mange, Mangez and Mangent


The different is similar to knowing when to use eat or eats in English. Here's how the verb manger (to eat) conjugates (-> changes with each pronoun):

  • Je mange (I eat/am eating)
  • Tu manges (You eat/are eating, for singular informal "you")
  • Il/Elle mange (He/She eats/is eating, this form is also used for a singular noun, like "Le chien mange" -> "the dog eats/is eating")
  • Nous mangeons (We eat/are eating)
  • Vous mangez (You eat/are eating, for plural "you" or formal "you")
  • Ils/Elles mangent (They eat/are eating, this form is also used for a plural noun like "Les chiens mangent" --> "the dogs eat/are eating"


what did I do wrong???????????? no offence but it says the exact same answer as i put down


Without a screenshot, nobody can help you understand what was wrong.


I used "les fraises" instead of "des fraises". Is it wrong in this sentence? I would think it is ok to use "les" as there is no reference of "some strawberries".


I put down 'L'enfants' instead of 'les enfants', and it got marked wrong, but I was under the assumption that a noun starting with a vowel would be contracted with the word before it, I don't know if that makes sense. Can someone please help clear this up? Cheers.

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