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"What did you write the letter with?"

Translation:Čím jsi napsal ten dopis?

October 16, 2017



Why not "Čím jsi ten dopis napsal?"


I was wrong with "Čím jsi ten dopis napsal," but I don't know why.... so I reported it. But if there IS something wrong with this word order, could someone please explain why? Thanks, as always!


I did the same and I would also like an explanation.


It stresses napsal, but not too strongly. For example when you are surprised he was able to write it, you thought he had no pen or something. It can be used in the same situation as the official translation which stresses "dopis" more and can be also used to distinguish the letter from other things he may have written by other means. I will add it.


It's correct. The only difference compared to the main translation is that you put stress on a different word, so you'd use each of the sentences in a different situation. There is no context here, though. :-)


The "correct solution" that appeared after an error gave me a "čims", rather than "čim". Typo, or does this word exist?


On closer inspection, the solution had "čims napsal", so does the extra "s" come from the 2nd person singular?


yes. correct and correct. číms = čím jsi

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